Acto Trade is one of the top companies at setting up and installing factories, whether it being a rice mill, grain processing line , flour mill or an animal feed line.  With our experience and backed up with several of the top companies in China that produce the highest quality machines as our agents, we have become a market leader in the field.  We have a number of previous projects over the years, that we are proud of, that range from 1t/h all the way up to 10t/h in each of our areas of expertise, rice, animal feed, and flour production.

Below we highlight just a couple of our projects...

Our team is dedicated to your success, and to ensuring the each customer has the best output, and final product.

Rice Mill Projects

Middle Eastern for Food Industries

Installed in Port Said's southern industrial area with a capacity of 120t/day, and was opened officially by the Governor Adel Ghadban mid 2022.  It is the first rice mill in the area and supplies the area with a very important staple commodity.  It is built over an area of 4000m squared.

The project includes all machines, equipment, structures, air lines and chassis, sent entirely from abroad under the supervision of the best engineers and designers and with the latest technology in terms of design and implementation. Food manufacturing conditions were taken into account, and implementation was carried out throughout with Chinese engineers alongside our own engineers.

The design was made specifically to help increase productivity and reduce consumption costs.  As well as to allow for ease of running and maintenance, by ensuring each machine had enough surrounding area to enable accessibility if needed.

Araby Abou Samara's Association

Another successful project, Mr. Araby Abou Samra’s rice mill, built in El Sharkeya government with a capacity of 5 t/h, full installed and implemented by Acto Trade from A to Z. This factory was installed with Chinese machines and completed with local parts of the highest standard, to reduce costs, following the design layout specs sent by our agents in China and under their supervision.

The line includes sorting, cleaning and milling using the highest technologies to reduce waste and increase output.

Animal Feed Projects

Al Sohagy Feed Factory - Sohag Industrial Zone

Al Sohagy Feed factory was an already existing factory with a need for a revamp and upgrade in order to allow for better performance and output.  The upgrade included a 10 t/h feed pellet machine and a 10 t/h ZTMT cooler, in addition to the replacement and addition of larger machines, Acto Trade did a complete and full maintenance to the already existing equipment; resulting in a throughput that was more satisfactory and up to standard.

Mazaya Feed Factory - Sadat Industrial City, Menoufia

Mazaya Feed Factory chose to best of both worlds and decided to purchase the main machines from us, and build the rest of the parts for the factory locally.  A great option to reduce the cost of the whole project.  The main equipment Acto Trade supplied them with is, a feed pellet machine, a cooler, and a crumbler all with a capacity of 5 t / h.
The project works efficiently and under our supervision with specialized engineers from our supplier in China, Mazaya Feed Factory has been producing great quality animal feed. We visit the factory on a regular basis to ensure the quality of production and perform any required maintenance,  in addition to visits by our supplier.

Al-Amer Feed Factory - Bagour - Menoufia

Al-Amer factory has a production capacity of  3 t / h.   The HKJ feed Pellet machine in addition to a Hammer Mill, a mixer, a cooler, and a crumbler were supplied by us. Acto Trade offers different productivity capacities depending on the customer's requirements, starting from 1 ton / hour  up to 50 tons / hour.

Manaba’a Al-Khair Feed factory - Belbeis - Sharqya

Manaba’a Al-Khair factory is one of the best factories in the region in terms of quality and production, which makes it necessary to have a high quality equipment available, as well as reduce production costs. ZTMT feed pellet machine were supplied with a cooler of 10 tons / hour, plus a crumbler 10 tons / hour. The factory works under the supervision of our engineers.

Feedco Feed Factory - Atsa - Fayoum

The Feed pellet machine was upgraded in the factory because of the customer’s vision that the ZTMT  Feed pellet machine is one of the best machines in the Egyptian market in terms of production quality, equipment quality, easy of maintenance, and the availability of spare parts by the agent, Acto Trade.

During Installation ...

Installing a Destoner and setting it up for our customer - A rice mill factory 10T/h in 

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